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Just something I vectored for a poster that i'm working on, I figured I would share Danny's adorkableness with you all XD. Danny (c) Butch Hartman Danny Fenton vector

"my name is james buchanan barnes, and the last thing i remember is dying" -winter soldier, the bitter march

Kate hugged me tightly, though angry, whispering over and over: "How could you?

Who's Wes?- A fannon character that know Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom but no one believes him and thinks that he is Danny Phantom.

That's the best for any obvious hero, be so unsurprised or completely compliant and it seems like sarcasm

Hahah :)

Hahah :)<<<OK so I don't know this character but he looks like a mixture of Dan and Phil I mean he's called Danny phantom for goodness sake

Danny Phantom is a show that debuted in 2004. Ever since then the fandom has grown, and ever since then, i fell in love with the concept. In here you will see... Danny Phantom Crossovers Derp And I...

Every time I see a portal I am reminded of a galaxy swirling. I wonder if Danny thought the same thing? I wonder what he thought in that second the portal switched on? That moment before he was bru.