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Remember this guys? Barker Fuller us TRYING to eat peachos!

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sour gummy worms ^_^ yummy to my tummy

Fraises Tagada

Fraises Tagada

CANDY chewy sour yummy I'm allergic to these but they are so good!

oh my gosh @Sydney McGinn @Liberty Ritchie @Gabrielle Baker @Eva Moses

I watermelon sour patches

They're just like sour gummy worms but in circle shape. XD

Green and white gummy rings.

This is how I first came to like strawberries. I was afraid to eat them so my sister drenched one in sugar. Now they're my favorite fruit, thanks girl ;)

strawberries with a very light sprinkling of sugar.my favorite snack and/or the perfect dessert!

little reasons to smile

18 POUNDS Sour Skittles Flavors Retro Gourmet Bulk Machine Candy New Lot- from nvcandy

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There’s candy everywhere… everywhere! | Definitive Proof Halloween Is The Only Holiday You Need

There's candy everywhere... everywhere!

rainbow heart candy sweet star sugar colorfull Gummy gummy worms sour gummy sharks gummybear gummy candy gummy rings your-candy-coated-dreams

The Sushi Fugu Restaurant

So good in the summer

Dip n Dots yum!

stuff I Love:: Gummy Worms!! Any Sour Candy <3 Just Girly Things Colourful @Keeli Clark Rogers

especially sour gummy worms

ben drownded, laughing jack, jason the toy maker, candy pop

Creepypasta-Jeff the killer, Ben Drowned, Laughing Jack, Jason the Toy Maker, Candy Pop and the doll maker

ღ Pretty in Pink ღ

ღ Pretty in Pink ღ