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We paid off our last credit card! On May 1st, 2011 my wife and I paid off our last credit card. It took us 17 months to knock out over $12,000 of credit card debt we accumulated over the last several years. We could have paid it off sooner but we re Discover How To Erase A Credit Card Debt for Pennies on the Dollar!

5 Ways To Screw Your Credit Card Company | Squawkfox - this is not about cheating or running from debt, just solid advice on how to use a credit card and save money

Your kids won't be able to understand the true value of money if all they ever see is cards or checks. Try to shop with cash whenever you can. Explain to children how debit cards, credit cards and checking accounts work, and the money that backs them up. Discourage your children from getting into credit card debt when they get older by limiting your own credit card use. It's best to only have one credit card with a low interest rate and use it for emergencies only.

DEBT CRUNCHER: HOW I WENT FROM A CREDIT SCORE OF 600 TO A CREDIT SCORE OF 760 Living a life without financial worry is a dream of many. In fact there are many of us who would like to be millionaires. What is preventing you from reaching your financial goals? Are you living pay check to pay check? Are you spending more than you earn? Is your credit card debt stressing you each time the bill comes to your mailbox or your inbox?

Are you ready to get serious about paying off debt but don't know where to start? Here are the important basic steps for how to get started paying off debt.

Do you spend a lot of time online shopping? Well, here are 25 awesome ways to save money each and every time you shop. You don't even have to get off your computer or phone. It's SO easy!! student debt payoff, #debt #college

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