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Ami さんの料理 the process of making 生チーズケーキ

あみちゃんのおかげでまた作れる〜ありがと〜*\(^o^)/* 次男の大好きな生チーズケーキで、お誕生日ケーキ - 237件のもぐもぐ - Amiさんの料理 the process of making生チーズケーキ♬ by suzuranranran

The Origins of the Universe: the Big Bang The diagram here illustrates the main events occurring in the history of our Universe. Description from I searched for this on

"There are so many chances, so many worlds, pouring down on us. Like most people I take no notice and let them flow away, aeons breaking back into the universes where they were made. We are universes dripping with worlds. All we have to do is choose. " - Jeanette Winterson. Photo: Newly discovered galaxy, SMM J2135-0102

~~Star birth in the extreme ~ Hubble's view of the Carina Nebula shows star birth in a new level of detail. The fantasy-like landscape of the nebula is sculpted by the action of outflowing winds and scorching ultraviolet radiation from the monster stars that inhabit this inferno. In the process, these stars are shredding the surrounding material that is the last vestige of the giant cloud from which the stars were born | Hubble~~

The ages of the Star Trek actors during TOS (1967) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013). [Seriously -- John Cho is 40?! he doesn't look it!]

Paneer Peshwari (Indian Cottage Cheese Cooked in Rich Onion Gravy)

There are varieties of delicious ‘Paneer’ (Indian Cottage Cheese) dishes that you come across in restaurant’s menu card, mainly in North Indian Restaurants. ‘Paneer Peshewari’ is one of them. ‘Paneer Peshawrai’ is a rich, creamy paneer dish. I first tasted this dish in a restaurant in Delhi. When I asked why this is called ‘Peshwari Panner’? They replied this is cooked following the cooking process of Peshwar. Peshawar is a frontier state in Pakistan, popular of its exotic, rich, creamy and…