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The notion of individual privacy is effectively dead-Davos  Imagine a world where mosquito-sized robots fly around stealing samples of your DNA. Or where a department store knows from your buying habits that you're pregnant even before your family does. That is the dystopian world portrayed by a Harvard group at the World Economic Forum

Privacy Scarf - 25 Inventions That Are Completely Pointless

Disappointment rose as eric realized the only thing under there was palm hair and a tic tac

False Perspective Wedding Photos

More hilarious, funny wedding pictures. These crazy pics of brides and grooms and strange dresses from the big day ceremony and weird and wild. Humor is the

Most effective teams have high testosterone and low cortisol

Inspirational words~ every hand you've shaken has had penis ~funny pictures

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Ways to Save on Childcare

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Fabulous Christmas card of a family holding pictures of each other, one inside the other i love this idea