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Leo [Jung Taek Woon] - fansign VIXX

Leo [Jung Taek Woon] - fansign VIXX

I swear this boy will be the end of my bias list.

Leo - VIXX So beautiful.Leo should have long hair forever

I find this hilarious because normally when past photos like this are brought out on variety shows, everyone in the room is rolling on the floor and crying their eyes out and cackling like crazed hyenas and hiding their faces if it's their own photos that are being shown... Oh Leo. -_-Do you even... emote? x'P


There's no need to be embarrassed because he's really good looking even he was young. Lol narcissistic leo :P

VIXX - Leo [Jung Taek Woon] gif

Happy birthday to the immensely talented Leo of VIXX!

I can relate to Ken XD

"This made me love Leo more. lol Ken and Leo, VIXX~~~Thus, the reason for my love of Leo. He's said "I replied because I didn't want to die "