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This. Is SO cute! :) lol

We were going to make a bad pun or play on words about this exclusive, but nevermind. boompen: ECCC Variant ADVENTURE TIME by Ian McGin.<<< it's great because it's a mash up of Adventure Time and a Nirvana album cover.

My face everytime I go to the store with my mom.

My face everytime I go to the store with my mom.

For you, dear adorable thing, bacon. You shall have much bacon to compensate for your adorable-ness. You can have the bacon. All the bacon. Even though I'm a vegetarian. You may have bacon. Feast upon it with pancakes.

Basically the flowey pot AU in a shellnut.

"Adventure Time" In episode “Mortal Recoil” princess Bubblegum become younger and Lich-snail appearance in Candy Kingdom. And I thought, it would be funny, if young PB had met the Lich

Steam Adenture by sambragg on deviantART

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