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Granddaughter's Rainbow

For my precious and beautiful granddaughters ~ Berkli & Myla.and soon to be Allie :):


I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, My grandbaby you’ll be. —We are over the moon excited!

Yes! I really need you to be the mom we all know and love, not this toxic shell of who you once were.

I wish I felt ok asking for help & doing some things to try to find my own happiness again! Being a mom is wonderful but I feel like that's ALL I am anymore.I want to find my happy spot again!

NEED I SAY MORE! HA HA LOVE IT! DON'T mess with their grandkids are talk crap about them. No matter who you are.

No gray hair here, but I will go 50 shades of crazy on you.

♡ The Best medicine in the world is a Grandchild's kiss ♡

The best medicine in the world is a grandchild's kiss.I can't wait until my grandchild is old enough to kiss me & say "Gammy".

Something magical happens when parents turn into grandaprents . . . .

Love my grandbaby ❤️ Something magical happens when parents turn into Grandparents.

Every kids deserves

Every child deserves a champion--an adult who will never give up on them. These ideally should be their parents