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If you ever need to replace the engine in a used car, engine prices will vary substantially due to the various types currently offered. The two types of engines are 1) re-built engines and 2) salvaged engines. Re-built engines are (as the name implies), re-built by capable technicians with new piston rings, engine bearings, gaskets and seals. #SouthwestEngines

#SouthwestEngines A game engine is the code that powers the games that we all enjoy. A good way to understand is to use the car analogy. A car engine is equivalent in utility to a car that a game engine is to a game.

#SouthwestEngines The standard engine on a car uses gasoline as fuel. This gasoline is burned inside the engine itself, so that it is an internal combustion engine.

The boxer engine configuration is a remarkable looking mechanical thing, this is an H6 unit from a Subaru and there's just something mesmerising...

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