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How to Rhubarb Strawberry Smoothie

cup strawberry, frozen cup rhubarb, frozen tablespoons honey (orange blossom honey is perfect for this recipe) cup milk (i used fat-free, but low fat, or regular is fine) ⅔ cup acai or pomegranate juice

Kimberly Snyder's Rainforest Acai Smoothie Recipe

This acai smoothie doubles as a great snack or a great dessert (a few hours after a meal). Acai is a fatty fruit that doesn't digest as quickly as high water-containing fruits, so it is one of the few fruits I use in desserts.

Garden Fresh Strawberry Smoothie

This strawberry breakfast smoothie has a few super-healthy secret ingredients, kefir, tomatoes, basil!

How to make Water Kefir - a video, this gal intrigues me, this beverage seems simple, a cultured drink

How to Make Water Kefir Video Plus Helpful Tips and Tricks

Na tomto mieste sa rakovina vyskytuje potvrdene menej ako kdekoľvek na svete. Je to vôbec možné? Prečítajte si o tom viac.

How to Easily Make Kombucha Tea - Oh Lardy! :: Want some simple tips to help you…


The pros of these probiotics - Foods, drinks, and supplements with probiotics are everywhere these days. But only some probiotic strains are proven remedies for common health issues, including things like tummy troubles and indigestion.

14 nutritionist-approved superfoods

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