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Here are two new calligraphy fonts that I LOVE from type foundry Veer. Buffet script and Feel script by Alejandro Paul. Feel script is based on Rand Holub's calligraphy and Feel script is based on Alf Becker, one of America's best sign lettering artist.

this shows a few fonts that i like and would most likely use for the font inside, its the flicks and width of the text that impress me

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font - cursive for classical music concerts (opera, ballet, classical music) bold for headliners (broadway, big time singers/ musicians/ etc.) sharp for contemporary concerts (radio artists) times new roman or similar fonts for informational or articles

(Love the fonts.. Different words though

I have this on my lists of tattoos I want and now the perfect kind of fonts to pick from!

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go-to fonts in elegant script style. I really like black jack, wind song, dancing script and redressed