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Artwork 1536 Elements 80x40cms. Painted 15/07/2015

Halloween Doll Eye Makeup Tutorial | No Body Paint Needed |Eye Makeup Tutoria ============================================================================ love playing with makeup but sometimes the challenge of mastering a single technique can drive me to the "no makeup" trend rea=l quick. If you're having trouble in the eyeshadow department like me however you should know that the internet is full of many wonderful tutorials and hacks that will help guide you in the right direction. Here…


If you’re feeling the need to vamp up you’re space at home but are stuck for inspo, then look no further. We have all the creative motifs you’ll need to create a grunge yet chic look that will make any room look seriously cool. This style looks really intricate yet effortless at the same time …

October 15th- Boleslavsky says that the gift of observation must be cultivated in every part of your body, not only in your sight, and memory. Ever since my character observation I have payed more attention to people around me. However, I am only observing them with my sight and memory. Boleslavsky confuses me when he says to observe with your body. I am not sure what that means.

What an amazing weekend. It's been lovely to have so much sunshine. I'm here with a card that I've made for this week's Less is More chall...

What a face

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