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Turn any dinner party into a top notch black tie event with this fun idea. Dress for Dinner Napkins by Hector Serrano

Image by Cody Hamilton

From torches made of Cheetos and sugar cones, to a display of donut Olympic rings, these 20 DIYs are some of the most clever (and delicious) ideas out there. So sit back, relax and get ready to chow down on Olympic gold medals made of Oreos.

Luggage you ride. I would love this for airports and other travel. | Micro Scooter Luggage

Micro Scooter Luggage

The Micro Scooter Case makes traveling through the airport a much more convenient experience. The first of its kind, the Scootercase is essentially a suitcase integrated with a scooter, built for business.

This Bamboo Globe Is As Gorgeous As It Wants The Planet to Be... and its internally lit. This globe designed by Fabio Lucian for Danish designer Kristoffer Zeuthen is made entirely out of bamboo. Even the base it sits on is made of bamboo, and the white steel rod holding up is at an angle to reflect the Earth's natural tilt. The typeface is simple, the surface is smooth and the whole thing is beautiful.

This Bamboo Globe Is As Gorgeous As It Wants The Planet to Be

Danish designer Kristoffer Zeuthen has created a globe, constructed of bamboo and lifted with a steel rod post; this globe even features a built-in

Bake Two Pies In One $18  You can do it with your regular pie pan!  Make a cardboard insert and cover with double layer of heavy duty aluminum foil!  Much cheaper than the pie tin!  Can actually make into 3 types or four as well!  FUN  Enjoy!!!

Bake Two Pies In One

Split Decision Pie Pan - Always arguing over family holidays with which pie to make everyone for dessert? Argue no more with the Split Decision Pie Pan, and make both of them! Peach and Cherry, Apple and Pumpkin: everyone will be happy!

Next time I break my arm I am getting this. You send in a copy of your x-ray and they send back a print for your cast.

X-Ray Vision...almost.

Fun Tattoos for your cast. Want your X-Ray on your cast? Send us the digital file of your x-ray, and we’ll send you back your break in print, ready to be applied directly to your cast.

This is amazing....a toaster that toast your hand written message on each slice

This toaster by Sasha Tseng incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. The message also gets “toasted” into the toast itself so it gives new meaning to “read while you eat”. Via Yanko Design

Ministry of Silly Walks Wall Clock

Ministry of Silly Walks Wall Clock

Funny pictures about Silly Walks Wall Clock. Oh, and cool pics about Silly Walks Wall Clock. Also, Silly Walks Wall Clock photos.

SALT AND PEPPER SHAKER magic wands @Mallory O'Teter

Online retailer Perpetual Kid offers a magic-wand-shaped salt and pepper shaker set called Salt + Magic Shakers. Sometimes… don’t you just want to wave a m

This little guy will help you make the perfect cup of tea... and he'd also be the perfect gift for my mother, who forgets she poured tea and lets it get too strong all the time.

Tea-Boy Penguin Tea Timer - he takes your teabag out of your tea at just the right time!

OTIS & OTTO // A Visual Guide

top pie party favors with these to match decor Custom Painted Wooden Forks - set…

Adorable ways for students to remember keyboard shortcuts!

Funny pictures about Real life shortcuts. Oh, and cool pics about Real life shortcuts. Also, Real life shortcuts photos.

It's a toaster that toasts your handwritten message from the board on the top of the toaster into the bread.  Whaaaaaaat...

Honey I Left It On The Toast Next time, leave your messages on the toast! This toaster by Sasha Tseng incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. The message also gets “toasted”.

Sunnyside Silicone Egg Mold - SO FUN!

Brighten up your morning by tucking into a sunny breakfast! This sunny side egg mold will fry up eggs that will brighten up even the darkest of days! A great way to get kids to eat their eggs!