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Aphas - 2 seasons on SyFy, damn shame, had some super stuff.

...Or to make it even more confusing the doctor's daughter who played the doctor's daughter and is also the doctor's wife who went to school with the doctor's daughter going back in time to flirt with King Arthur, who just so happens to have a manservant/sorcerer best friend who once took a journey with the doctor on a ship over a planet called Midnight

I ship Bellarke so hard I think it's becoming unhealthy how much I obsess over them.. and right fanfiction about them.. and read fanfiction about them.. I need help....

Paul. He makes me laugh so freaking hard sometimes. He's like really serious in the show and then when you watch his interviews its so hard not to pee your pants laughing.


Travail pour le lundi 17 février 2014

Haha, still no boating license

Merlin hauling Gwen around in a wheelbarrow was amazing!

I love Spock's face in that last panel. He's like "I immediately regret this decision

Farscape ♥ Just love a universe where all the aliens speak with an Australian accent !

The Hobbit Game of Thrones. I love both of these very very much!

Sherlock head canon? I can see it. And even though Sherlock mocks them for it, he secretly loves it and watches when they aren't around.