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I usually don't post food photos, but this one is just too good!
Chilis and chocolate are uncommon bedfellows but Sriracha has a way of somehow going with everything, right? In this case, it’s blended in with 57% dark chocolate to create a spicy, American-made chocolate bar that’s got some serious snap to it.
One of the best cartoons by The Oatmeal: an ode to my favorite hot sauce, Tuong Ut Sriracha! mmmm
NO it's actually really easy...just.put. the. seat. down.
Love it!! Literally can add this baby to anything...YUMMM
How addicted to Sriracha rooster sauce are you? - The Oatmeal
Um..YES! I have plenty of peppers for these babies-Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Banana Peppers
Me likey.  On everythingy.
What the hot ham-n-cheese???
Sriracha: The hipster's ketchup.