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The Presence of Gaia As a new dawn approaches Gaia emerges from our sleeping planet. The radiance of her aura lights up the heavens and her 'presence' gives confidence to the birds and animals to venture forth, secure in the knowledge that she will protect them. A river of life flows out to all corners of the earth, renewing and restoring. What greater 'present' could she give us!

from the Guardian

Big picture: Starlings, by Paolo Patrizi

Shape-shifting flocks (murmurations) of European Starlings, returning at dusk after a day of foraging in the countryside to the city, where it's warmer and fewer predators exist __ Photograph: Paolo Patriz

A Murmuration of Starlings. From a distance they sound like a waterfall, all those beating wings as they settle for the night after their ariel acrobactics. Just magical. Go see and HEAR.

Beautiful and white, In the day or in the night, Gracing the currents and sky, On the wingspread fly.