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Michael Anthony Richards (born July 24, 1949)

Shari Lewis and Lambchop. Ventriloquist, puppeteer, author, children's television show host. 1952–1998. Oh how I loved Shari & Lambchop!

from Iron Man Wiki

Robert Downey, Jr.

Fox Gansey, more commonly known as just Gansey, is Eli's partner and Rey's old partner before she requested for him to be reassigned after a case went wrong. However, the two still work on the same team and Gansey frequently acts as a father/mentor figure towards Rey.

It appears the dadgum revenuers are scheming new ways to discombobulate us.

Keith Richards (born 18 December 1943) is an English musician, singer, songwriter and founding member of the English rock band the Rolling Stones.

Coxwell Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England. One of the oldest streets in the town...well, England!

from Bloglovin’

What music do you listen to? (A CUP OF JO)

Young Mick on a Gibson Hummingbird

Captain Scarlet, probably the best of Gerry Andersons creations being darker than the likes of Thunderbirds as well as Terrahawks which followed.

Thank you Shari, for sharing Lamb Chop with the world.