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Charlotte Caron - surface and surface

Charlotte Caron is 23 years young artist from Paris. The paintings of artist Charlotte Caron explores both the tendency between the animal and the portrait.

Das das trotz der vielen Strichen noch so realistisch aussieht

[Interesting technique] Faces by Vince Low - what a cool way to draw with pen. ive done a similar idea, but never for a face.

Wheat fields

This artist used an analogous color scheme with the yellow and orange background. This could also be considered a warm color scheme. They did a normal painting. What is the best feature of this picture?



How you feel, on a sadnews day: Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Pen and Ink, Drawing "elements"

When I need myself and my shadow, don't say a friend like that doesn't exist. It's so real. It's real and therefore it exists

art, depressed, depression, drawing, hugging Even our shadow leaves us when we are surrounded by darkness

Check out this collection of amazing art & creativity!

Check out this collection of amazing art & creativity!