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Real Unicorns|Funny General Card Real Unicorns Have Curves- says the rhinoceros. A funny general card. Unicorns come in all different shapes and sizes Just ask the Narwhals and Rhinos.

I love how mouthy Merlin is to Arthur. Or, to everyone in general. :) Even though Arthur is the prince and could have merlin punished for his witty quips, Arthur just takes it because he knows that merlin is really his closest friend.

Very British Problems//THE LAST ONE THOUGH. Don't you dare lie, this is for everyone in the world, not just British

Ok as a huge fan of both the BBC Merlin and especially just Anthony Stewart Head in general...I just laughed my ass off at this

They See Me Rollin|Funny General They See Me Rollin'.. They Hatin'. A great sushi inspired congratulations card. Great for someone who just passed their driving test or their exams.

lol literally had a long discussion about Harry Potter today in school. Guess who is teacher's pet and doesn't get in trouble for talking about books in classes that aren't ELAR?

I honestly don't get why teachers think making the students that muck around and don't do anything sit next to the nerds (me) is going to magically do anything. Generally the kid that doesn't do anything just copies off the other one.

When you injure yourself at lunch time: | 18 Pictures That Only Make Sense If You Went To A British Secondary School

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