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How Better to Kick off the New Year?! With New Years come New Goals! In 2016, I want to connect with the readers who love what I love. I want to share great deals and freebies with you–not ju…

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IdentitAre you ready for a great read this summer? Check out my friends new book Identity: An Almost Perfect Escape is a suspenseful romance available in ebook form from Amazon. This is the first of a three part series. Identity Book Synopsis: Stevie Weller and her adult girls are in danger and she is going to do everything possible to keep them safe. Her soon to be ex-husband, Tony Weller is after them. Stevie moves from Chicago to California to make a new start with >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I had my first real mom fail this week….Maybe I have said that before…. I almost don’t even want to share the sad details…… I feel like we are friends and what the hey, you can tell friends your most embarrassing moments, right……. I hope we can still be friends after this! The other day...Read More »

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