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Now that she had conquered the mighty spinning thing, Mia had some concerns about getting down.

Even though I'm the State Apiarist, I keep my distance from Fluffy Nopes!

Not sure why but I laughed really hard at this! I love the majestic sea flap flap, he booplesnoot, the danger floof and the fart squirrel 😂

This dog. | Literally Just 22 Really Stupid, Really Great Pictures

Literally Just 22 Really Stupid, Really Great Pictures

"This is what the Internet is for honestly." Sad truth in the making.

French platss.. :*

17 Super Relatable Dog Memes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time


Why the mantis shrimp is awesome. And why I love reading Oatmeal comics! (There is some pretty amazing/interesting info on here, esp about vision in the Mantis Shrimp.) yet not my favorite animal…


How to Walk Better In Heels, in 9 Easy Tips

the model wearing heels for the first time // 28 People More Awkward Than You


Funny meme: Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 15 Pics