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how long do horses live? best ideas about Horse pictures and photos.

How Long Do Horses Live and Everything about Horse Age (FACT!)

I call it a miracle that a horse can be born with a perfect heart marking!

we love our horses & take really good care of them. Growing up they were our best friends, the ones who listened when no one else would & you felt like they really understood - especially when they nuzzle you - then you know they understand - there is nothing like the bond between you & your horse(s)...

Keep Calm And Love Horses Wallpaper Keep calm and love horses

If your walking on the beach and hear a whinny make sure you look you might miss something


Lovely rearing horse silhouette on the beach at sunset - stunning!

Portrait of a Friesian Horse

Best Way To Remove Cat Urine

Portrait Of A Friesian by Wes and Dotty Weber - Portrait Of A Friesian Photograph - Portrait Of A Friesian Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Paarden in de sneeuw.

15 Animals That Are More Excited About The Snow Than You

Gallery for Black And White Horses. White Horse Wallpaper Tera and Black

Breed Chart: Horses

Horse breeds: The falabella ponies are the smallest know to man, reaching to only about 3 ft. Tall when fully grown! Pony of the Americans is a awesome horse for kids. They have a perfect slope in their backs so it's easy to stay on, even bareback.

to cuddle a pony

15+ Mini Horses You Don’t Want Your Kids To See

I want a baby horse hug!

Wat gaan deze hond en dit paard doen?

horse and dog

foto - een hele mooie vlecht in de manen van een paardje. deze vlecht heet een hengstenvlecht en ik maak deze vlecht zelf ook heel vaak bij de paarden op de manege.

Simple lace braid on a horse's mane. A lace braid is like a french braid except hair is only added to the braid on one side.

mini nose, mini rose by gypsymarestudios, via Flickr

mini nose, mini rose by gypsymarestudios

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Friesian in the ocean at sunset

Cute mini horse pulling a wagon. It's so fluffy, even the legs. Look how skinny they are where the legs have been wrapped. :)

Bay mini pulling a cart


Valentine foals horse pinto paint palomino bay limited edition aceo print art by Bridget Voth

schattig toch

Paard, paard en nog eens paard

I want this little cutie! :) kaycieellis I want this little cutie! :) I want this little cutie!

tegenlicht de lichtbron schijnd in de ogen van de mensen die naar het plaatje kijken de  schaduw zit aan de achterkant

silhouettes just beautiful!