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Mickey Mouse snowflakes for kids to make

Mickey Paper Snowflakes

This holiday season, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow with a flurry of paper snowflakes embellished with hidden Mickeys.

Quill Snowflakes: 8 pieces of quilling paper 3/8" wide x 4.5 " long; fold each strip so that one end is 1/2 " longer than the other; curl the ends as shown; use dabs of glue to get strips together - let dry; attach metallic thread to hang it.

Quill Snowflakes

Quilled Snowflake Ornament - made from eight V-shaped strips of paper, curled at the ends with a quilling needle and joined with a dot of glue at the center.

Paper Quilling - one of Mom's many hobbies

Neli is a talented quilling artist from Bulgaria. Her unique quilling cards bring joy to people around the world.

Colorful-SNOWFLAKES-wonderful DIY

Wonderful DIY Christmas Ribbon Snowflake

How pretty are these woven paper star snowflakes! They can be made by with plastic bags or paper from magazines , newspapers…or anything you can think of! It’s a nice kids crafts too .These snowflake Christmas ornaments will look lovely hanging on.

Amazing Paper Quilling Patterns and Designs - Life Chilli

Painting mural drawing Birthday Quilling My sprig of exotic wood strip Paper Photo 1