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thanks papyrus<<I'm legit crying

thanks papyrus<<I'm legit crying<<<< I just feel happy with a tinge of sadness.

Sans protecting Frisk in school after getting bullied

Sans won the award for best protective father 🏆🏅💀

a question by freeanimalz on DeviantArt << I feel bad for him sometimes... Poor Skeledad

Every undertale fangirl EVER<<<I'm in the undertale fandom and it sucks that everybody ONLY talks about sans.

Undertale Comic : SAVE CHARA by maricaripan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt:

Undertale Comic : SAVE CHARA by maricaripan on Deviantart (I wish that we could've done this, like we did with Flowey)

...sens dont you mean *its only the third month of the year *GRABS YOUR SHOULDERS* YOUCANDOTHISSKOOTZ

This doesn't even have to be related to the fame it can be applied to everyday life--- sans, Undertale

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Is This How Aftertale Ends? by Whimsy-Floof on DeviantArt<<<oh golly gee i hope not