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Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by Sebastian Stan's face ✋

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan - Seb looks so offended in the second pic- SEB'S LIKE THE QUIET SHY ONE THAT RARELY MAKES A PIP BUT WHEN HE DOES IT'S A FUCKING 3RD DEGREE BURN

Can we talk about how Sebastian wears his heart on his sleeve and cannot control his face when he is disappointed or excited>>I think I was one of those people...

OMG imagine walking into you room on your birthday and seeing this....*smirks* 'bout time you showed up--i was gettin kinda bored'

Chris and Sebastian in the water. This is the best, simply the best.

He had been working at the barn all week. From the pale morning light, through the heat of the peaked sun, through to the glow of the evening setting. When he heard a truck pull up, he assumed it was his brother. He threw down his dirty, oil covered rag & emerged from behind the old wooden crates, once holding jars of jam or honey, he thought, due to the faded labels on the panelled sides & the glass that still remained inside. When he stood up & saw not his brothers truck, but Bees, his…

"You know what the problem is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem but everyone refuses to believe in magic."

Captain America : Civil War interview - Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan #funny

And at this very moment, Seb had NO idea what he had just done. He had named his fandom.