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Meira Durand as Mina in the 2011 German movie "Die Sterntaler" (The Star Thaler) a Brothers Grimm tale.

Viking Carving - door of a stave church by mararie. historisk museum, Oslo, Norway (CC)

16509 Ancient Bronze God Frö Lunda, Södermanland, Sweden Sverige

Vikings: Carved wood ornaments for tents, Oseberg Burial Mound Grave, circa 834 CE, #Norway.

Statue of Ingolfur Arnarson the Viking Ingólfur Arnarson the first Nordic settler of Iceland. He built his home in (and gave name to ) Reykjavík in the year 874. Made by Einar Jónsson in 1924 and located on Arnarhóll, Reykjavík

Viking Ship Detail, Coventry Cathedral

Recreation of Vendel XIV helm by associate craftsman Grzegorz Kulig with thanks to member Dieter Huggins.

Vikings (Sweden). 'There are still real, live Vikings, and you can visit them at one of Sweden’s most absorbing attractions. An evocative ‘living’ reconstruction of a late–Viking Age village, Foteviken Viking Reserve was built on the coast near the site of the Battle of Foteviken. You can tour all of these, check out the great meeting hall, see a war catapult and buy Viking-made handicrafts.'

An assortment of Viking age keys. From Eva Grelsdotter's Flickr; I'm not sure which museum houses them.


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