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Datura Moon Flower

Datura Moon Flower I love growing these beautiful flowers, they smell so wonderful. Night bloomers to help attract bats to your garden.

silvaris:   	Brugmansia arborea by Vilma Bharatan

For my moon garden -- Datura Moon Flower is perfect for evening gardens as the big, pure white trumpet-shaped flowers are most fragrant as the sun goes down. It's gorgeous and easy to grow as it thrives in hot, sunny weather.

Moon garden plants

Midnight Garden / Moon Garden Creating your own moon garden is simply a matter of populating a patch of earth with flora that fulfills its true potential when the sun goes down. There are no right or wrong planting schemes, though consider limiting the

Lady of Night...the smell of this flower is amazing but it's fragrant only at night!

Moon Garden: brunfelsia gigantea - lady of the night. Very fragrant at night. The most vigorous variety, good for sun or shade. Waxy thick leaves, relatively cold hardy, profuse bloomer.