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La vida es demasiado irónica para entenderla completamente. Se necesita tristeza para saber que es la felicidad. Ruido para apreciar el silencio. Y la ausencia para dar valor a la presencia. ~ Autor desconocido

6 x stair sprints this morning aka my Monday morning HIIT done & Im here with my weekly accountability check in Morgs & I are headed in to week 6 of our 16 week challenge and just finished our first week without a drop of alcohol (11 weeks to go!) and feeling amazing. I realise more and more and more as the years pass by how true the saying is "how bad do you want it" (thank you @lhagedorn for that truth bomb to me all those years ago). I could easily sleep in every morning. But I want my…

U-Jam (™) Get out there and DANCE! The Ballroom Dance Company 8900 SW Commercial Street Tigard, Oregon 97224 www.theballroomdancecompany.com

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