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Pooch: Tattooing Outside The Box (That I Have Built Around Myself)

Pooch: Tattooing Outside The Box (That I Have Built Around Myself)

Geisha Street Art By Hush on Forbidden's Blog - Buzznet

Geisha Street Art By Hush

'Lost x Belgium primed linen, gallery box mounted with painted sides, Acrylic Paint, Montana Gold Spray Paint, Screen Inks & Silk Screen Print

Matt Howse Austin Tattoo Convention 2013 Interview for Tattoo Artist Magazine (VIDEO)

Video by Luke Holley Matt Howse can be found at Spider Murphy's Tattoo. Check out more videos from Luke

State of Grace Article Preview for Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #32

Crash: Okay, let’s start with a basic history of yourself and then I want you to talk about the shop and it’s crew. Horitaka Kitamura: Sure man, basic story…

Victor Farinelli: Ink Master Review (Episode 10)

By Victor Farinelli Ink Master is a train wreck and Sarah Miller is the engineer. As I said in my last post, she needs serious mood stabilizing medication.

Sailor Jerry's Birthday Celebration in Chicago and New York on January 14th

Courtesy of Sailor Jerry: On Monday January we’re marking the birthday of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins by giving 102 people Sailor Jerry anchor

Horitomo - the master tattoo artist.  I'm honored to get work done by him.  Traditional Japanese style, it's that real shit.

By Molly Skobba and Takahiro "Horitaka" Kitamura First off, I want to express how absolutely honored I am to have been tattooed by the renowned Horitomo.