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Love to be in the middle of that !!!!

Clif Kosterman on

lol I love Jensen's "yeah I'm wearing her hair; and? I don't see the problem here"

Jensen is wearing that girl's hair and Jared's trying to bite it. And yet, we accept this and move on." <--- hmm I could totes do this if I ever met them as my hairs 2 times longer but if I only had one shot I'd want an epic one! :D

Jared Padalecki And Genevieve Cortese 2011

Jared & Jensen interview about Gen. I don't know if the adorbs of this comes from the Jared/Gen love or that he told Jensen.after kissing her for the first time.

Omg. XD dayamn. Jared Padalecki. Aaw

jared ❤ Guys this is a baby Jared holding a grown man on his shoulders can you imagine what he can do now that he is older and bigger?

Omg, I love this :D

Sam Winchester Is A Closet Nerd--nerd is an arbitrary term because as I've said I think Sam is the "academic nerd" while Dean is the pop culture nerd. I mean Dean must keep up with things as much as he possibly can

JIBcon7 - Jared was just talking about how hard last year was; Jensen showed "Always Keep Fighting" and hugged Jared. Jared said Jensen was his reason to Always Keep Fighting - can't get over their relationship...plus, Jensen on tiptoes - J2 gold

“Jensen on his tiptoes and his hand in Jared's hair. In closing ceremony of Jared talked about the hard times he went through this time last year. Jensen showed off his akf shirt, jared patted him on the chest and then jensen hugged him.

Haha say it.... it!

Do you ever experience any character bleed? Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)