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Trust it...... It was never wrong for me.... I just never wanted to see...... It never let me be..... My feelings and love have slowed down..... I don't wear a frown..... For the shine from my crown, I look around............ I am Found -MJ to SO

Photo (The Good Vibe)

Attitude is either good or bad and we choose good. .. (: I will continue to improve and be better than the day before!♡ see I worry about myself and my life and bettering it for my kids! I don't let anyone's bad attitude ruin my happiness!

I remind myself that I really do not know what others should think, say, feel, or do. Since I admit that I don't know, then there can be no room for my intolerance of them, even if it seems crazy to me. I simply stay out of the way if I could get hurt.