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Omg, this is the perfect analogy for us! Whenever you need time, it's like winter, and even though it's winter, our roots are growing ever deeper, preparing for "spring" when you come back :)

How To Write Good Dialogue: Ten Tips

In the first of our four part 'Teach Yourself To Write' series, Irving Weinman, a published writer and creative writing tutor explains how to write great dialogue... TIP 1 - Show, Don't Tell Remember that dialogue is part of the action of f...

Neither of them knew.

Two people have been living in the same house for 10 years, but neither of them knew it. One day, they finally meet.

100 best opening lines from children's books

9 of the best new crime thrillers to read in 2016

The most intriguing first lines in Puffin classics – in pictures

From Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland to JM Barrie’s Peter Pan to LM Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, the first lines of these Puffin classics are famous in their own right. But how many have you read and how many do you know?

Enchanting The Fey by Rebecca Bosevski