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Actual Time magazine headline: Ferguson: In Defense of Rioting

Looting - Because nothing says you care about a dead kid and the community more than stealing 50 pair of Air Jordans and then burning the store to the ground!

(42) News about #maga on Twitter

Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder. These people are diseased in the head and should not be in office as their mental faculties are lacking.

Obama you are a FRAUD as well as a total EMBARRASSMENT to AMERICANS!! Time for this HOAX to end::WE THE PEOPLE ARE FED UP!!!

Trump doesn't know how to 'political speak', he only knows how to tell the truth!

Spreading Democracy, One Angel At A Time

Spreading Democracy, One Angel At A Time

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Door locked for your protection.

Welcome to my home. That locked door was there for YOUR protection. Gun Rights Amendment

Yes,makes sense! Love her Stacy Dash!

Stacy Dash is now BLACK BALLED by Liberal Hollywood for being a Conservative- GOP-TEA-PUB. She's way too intelligent to think as they do.

I will always thank my ex husband for teaching me how to shoot a gun and showed me not be afraid to use it.

Oklahoma: Support Legislation to Prevent Your Taxes from Being Used to Fund Gun Control