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I'm the shark and my sis is Woody lol when I talk about Sherlock. And she hates sharks hahahahaha!



Lol this happened with one of my friends at school, she always steals things. So I was looking for my blue pencil, and she had one like it. And I'm like yo you got my pencil!

NOPE | We Heart It

me: I will do this! I will kill you spider! *spider moves* me: Houston we have a problem

Even when reading about it, then again in the movie theater.

Your favorite author's new book is a total flop.

Or when your favorite character dies in your book or fandom! that would be me. only if it was with a book or fandom though.

the only thing this needs is more pillows to hide behind

Or a book character, or a movie character. Plus this us great bc its Sherlock

Yes!!! ALL THE TIME!!!! And then they don't stop!!!!

Anti-social mood

Introvert problems- That was called high school. Or just school. all of school.


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Magic!! [I used that as an answer for how to solve a problem in many a Pre-Calculus class xD - MiniVan]

When a little kid asks me how something works and I don't feel like explaining it. // the pic that made it all start xD S Cano