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Cheese Market, Alkmaar, Holland, The Netherlands. Mostly known for its cheese market, Alkmaar is also a charming village.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, waar zijn de tulpen.---------lbxxx.

An interior free-standing stove. Amazingly clean and tidy.. for now

hot water bottle. Introduced during the reign of Henry VIII, this device (now made of rubber) comes from Germany :)

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10 Dutch Foods You Must Try In The Netherlands

10 Dutch Foods You Must Try In The Netherlands. My all time favourite - croquettes! TRAVEL WITH BENDER | Food Travel made easy in the Netherlands (Holland).

Top 11 Dutch foods in Holland...yep! However the one that says "pindakaas", peanutbutter, I'd say is pretty universal, not typically Dutch? Do

French fries the Dutch Way! With mayonaise on the top. So when your at the bottom, there is no any mayonaise left :D

No. 1 breakfast in Holland: 'boterham met kaas (slice of wholewheat bread with Gouda cheese)'

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Find out what the locals eat.

NETHERLANDS.. Dutch mini pancakes (poffertjes). A dish you are likely to find on a Dutch food tour. Why not visit our web site for recommended tours at or perhaps a cooking class at #Travel Netherlands #Dutch food