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‪#‎MotivationalMonday‬ ‪#‎EncourageEveryoneIn4Words‬

‪#‎MotivationalMonday‬ ‪#‎EncourageEveryoneIn4Words‬

Now, this is REALLY GOOD...

Hehe nerd jokes are the best x) 26 Jokes That Only Geeks Might Find Funny: What do you get when you put root beer in a square glass?

It took me a long time to hop on the Pinterest train, but now that I’m there, I’m really there. I love it. Every room in my house came to me with the help of Pinterest. Every meal I eat,...

You're beautiful no matter what, but good eyebrows are like the icing on the cake. And you know what bad icing does to a good cake.

But don’t force yourself into anything! If you don’t feel comfortable, they’re not for you. | 17 Super Helpful Dating Tips For Anyone Dealing With Anxiety

But don't force yourself into anything! If you don't feel comfortable, they're not for you.

You DO deserve the best! So reward yourself with a massage TODAY and get an immediate upgrade from a Relaxation Massage to our Signature Massage with your choice of hot stones or sugar scrub at NO extra cost! Call to schedule an appointment.

Structure and Function of the Skin: Biology of the Skin: Merck Manual Home Edition

The integumentary system protects tissue to avoid injuries. It serves to waterproof, cussion, and regulates temperature. skin is the largest organ of the body.

Jordan Matter has managed to capture dancers across the nation striking complex poses in scenes of their everyday life.

Stunning photographs show dancers striking acrobatic poses across the city streets, on the beach and even in the shower

Times Square NYC Jeffrey Smith Photographer Jordan Matter’s wonderful photo series of dancers posing in everyday locations, “Dancers Among Us.” The series is now a photo book: Dancers Among Us:

25 badass ways to say no | Justine Musk - A Good Read by Success for Solopreneur

25 Badass Ways to Say No. My favorite? My lady balls aren't that big lol:)))

Super cute workout clothes from LivFit....cheaper than lululemon!

Super cute workout clothes from LivF Crazy supportive sports bra! I love the bright colors. Makes me want to wear workout clothes all Exercises

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needing a laugh Ill always be there to listen to your problems as long as an obscene amount of ice cream is involved.