November 20th marked Transgender Day of Remembrance - a day of tribute, awareness, love and support for a community who's difficulties, although rightfully being pushed to the forefront, still have struggles that are yet to be honestly portrayed. Transgender people often suffer from dysmorphia, depression and other related mental health issues, along with poverty and homelessness due to the high costs involved in changing their bodies to match their gender. To the earlier transgender…

My parents don't know that I'm panromantic yet,,,,, I'm so scared to tell them, that I'll probably wait another year or two... Maybe until I'm in high school...

Bullying Quote #1|To learn more about what are school is doing to bring awareness to this cause follow this link@

If it sounds strange to ask a male politician what designer he's wearing, then to discuss it in the news, stop and ask yourself why women politicians are being asked ridiculous questions. We didn't even do that in 1984.

In case you didn't know about this<<< and he wouldn't thank god XD<<<weren't they also asked to do a song for the movie too but turned that down too<<<<this is why I love them

I want to know what happens when the wall is broken, but at the same time I think that wall really needs to stay up.

This is ridiculous!! We need more gun regulations, more protection in public places like more places having metal detectors, more security guards, and more cameras, and more awareness and better treatments for mental and emotional health issues to help prevent shootings!

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