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Bee on a Echinacea

"Young Nurse", NYC ca. late 1800s.

April Susie King Taylor takes charge of a school for ex-slaves in GA. She will be the laundress attached to an all-black Union Army regiment, the black Army nurse & the only black woman to publish a memoir of her Civil War life.

Amelia Earhart - she was a nurse's aid in Toronto, CA during WW1. Many of her…

Amelia Erhart - she was a nurses aide in Toronto, CA during Many of her patients were pilots. [Complete news to me!] History and WWI

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Stacked, broken, and scratched pebbles become works of art with the imagination and touch of artist Andy Goldsworthy. Circle of Stones Andy Goldsworthy…

Riley Pearce, ACORNS, Julian, California Acorns stashed in a tree trunk by an Acorn Woodpecker as a food reserve for winter.

this makes me uneasy. RP: "The culprit, identified by its unique laughing call, was the Acorn Woodpecker, which bores holes in dead snags to store acorns for winter. Acorns in tree bark"

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