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Typical of PhD Brain...

Typical of PhD Brain...

Dissertation time...

The accuracy.it stings!

PhD grad card *kim's ugly cry*

commaphd Greeting Cards

totally reminds me of hearing the term "sexy" from Dr.

Hahahaha I could see getting this response.

I'm all about balance, but yep, getting the PhD complicates all things.


Too freakin funny. If only it were Ryan Gosling it would be perfect!

The body of research continues to grow... Like an evil all-consuming organization... HAIL HYDRA! j/k

The body of research continues to grow. Like an evil all-consuming organization.



Hahahhaha!! I need this for the lab!

‘Danger: Scientist With Chemicals and Lasers and Shit’ Sticker by Rob Price

Please don't!!!!! I get asked one of these daily!!!

Please don't! When married to a PhD candidate this becomes equally important.

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