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When Jesus arose out of that tomb, it was as if we who have put our faith in Him were raised right along with Him.

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When we are faced with trouble, we should not wait until we have come to the end of our own resources before we seek God’s help and direction in prayer.

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God has given fathers a charge to keep: to teach their children about God and His Word.God has given fathers a charge to keep: to teach their children about God and His Word.

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The older women in the church are charged with teaching the younger women and girls the skills and character traits necessary to take care of their homes and families.

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To many people in this world, the revelation of God’s love is as strange as sunlight is to a mole. We must continue to hold out to them the invitation to “come and see”, to take a step on the ladder of faith and experience the goodness of the Lord for themselves.

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As Christians, we need to remain faithful in church attendance. We need the benefits that come from being a part of a group of fellow believers.

Even though American church isn't always so Christian, we still need to fellowship with other believers to remain accountable and have a renewed and refreshed mind.