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Valentine illustration, Old-school styled tattoo woman with bird and ribbon, Vintage background, vector - stock vector

Taiwan, Kaohsiung | roxiehart666 | acidkidz tattoo | black and grey | thigh | vintage rose tattoo

Vintage hand drawn masonic symbol: all seeing eye, the star, laurel wreath and serpents snakes. Grunge background. Vector illustration isolated. Magic alchemy objects linear style. Tattoo template. - stock vector

Thinking about a design like this, as a tattoo, in white, instead of a ring? Somewhere on my left arm or wrist.

divinecross: “ 1337tattoos: “ Anna Beloziorova ” tattoos like this with no black lining are just *______* ”

Some edgy illustation by Andrew Fairclough. This should be tattoo flash.

@rachel_baldwin_tattoos Romance sleeve in progress, still have highlights and background colour to do. Thankyou Laura! Can't wait to finish this!