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Explore Turkey ️ ️, Night Skies and more!

The wonders on the ground are truly exceptional, sure... but it's the night sky that makes it one of life's #EverydayLuxuries in Turkey.

Even the water shining brilliant colors is one of the #EverydayLuxuries in Turkey you'll miss when you go back home.

The ability to see even the smallest details of history is one of the #EverydayLuxuries of exploring Turkey.

Even when you're catching your own dinner... one of Turkey's #EverydayLuxuries is the stunning sunsets that makes your day so special.

A beautiful 3rd century A.D. mosaic has been uncovered in the archaeological excavations in Antioacheia, the south of Turkey, with a skeleton eating and drinking, inviting us to "be cheerful, enjoy life." Seems like good advice from our elders!