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Hey guys i'm starting a campaign! If you are being bullied, picked on, hated on or anything similar comment so people can show they care!! Also if you know any pinners that are being bullied, picked on,hated on,etc comment their name!

So I'm thinking about having another prom, I'm not sure if I want to do it just myself or have someone do it with me. But if you're interested in planning a prom/homecoming comment below and I'll message you for more details! Thanks!✌️

My Biggest fan awards have been canceled. I'm shocked. Because those aren't the real girls accounts. If they get voted for it won't be fair because they're not the real girls. No hate, it needed to be said

So I have a board called Guess It: Dance Moms Edition where I blur out a dancer, a dance or a mom and you have to guess who it is. If you want to join, comment below! Person with most points gets an edit, icon and lockscreen!