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Does anybody know how to make color splashes? if so, May I have one?

Free to use keep credit to @zieglerluver

Free to use keep credit to @zieglerluver

My Biggest fan awards have been canceled. I'm shocked. Because those aren't the real girls accounts. If they get voted for it won't be fair because they're not the real girls. No hate, it needed to be said

If I was to make a smol comic about these couple options: which one would you pick? Winters murder, Reid losing his leg, or Akili's childhood?

♡ Only Maddie, JoJo, Kalani, and Mackenzie are taken so please join my FALDC!

hey everyone im so sorry I havent been active the past month I just got back from a summer camp! So I will be doing lots of contests, s&w, and would you rathers!

(Sorry not related) Going to VBS! Talk to yall later! When I come back I'm making lots of edits + a really long guess the dancer! Stay tuned! Love yall!

More than sorry about this not being related, but, could we just take a second and remeber my obsession with Marilyn Monroe? Well, today is her birthday! If she was still alive, today would be her 90th birthday. I love you Marilyn. You will always be an inspiration-Alivia/@jimbojacksonjr

Not DM related the people left for my pyramid. The girls available are Jojo and Vivi-Ann and Asia. The moms available are Holly Jessalynn Ashlee Christie Cathy and Kristie