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Focalink (Fengya, Stein) beautiful 6 holes ocarina from Taiwan.

Focalink beautiful 6 holes ocarina, begin from C5 (alto).

Beautiful Focalink alto C ocarina

Beautiful Focalink alto C ocarina

Tenrai "green tea" 6 holes beautiful ocarina with amazing clear sound in all range.

Tenrai ocarina, 6 holes pendant, begin from G#5. My smallest and dearest instrument! Great and clear high notes which are problem for lot of ocarinas. Absolutly love her, my No1!

Tenrai beautiful "green tea" ocarina

Yamaha plastic soprano from serie 300 and beautiful wooden alto Moeck Rottenbourgh.

Amati Kraslice(soprano), Aulos Haka(plastic soprano), Yamaha(plastic from series 300) and Moeck Rottenbourgh(alto)

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