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Congrats to da bæ @KK22X0 {Miss Kendall K} ♥ for 5.1k!!!!:) can we get her to 10?xx

#stopthehateonalldmgirls *PLEASE READ*we shouldn't be saying stop the hate in Nia or maddie or anyone because they all get hate. It's nit their fault. They are nor,al kids outside of all this drama and we should respect that. You don't treat them any way you wouldn't want to be treated. These girls are amazing and none of them deserve hate but they all get it. stop focusing on one person amd look at the user all thing. Thanks for reading. Please done comment hate thanks. Love, ggDance58

Honestly not to be rude but I am happy that Chloe beat maddie at something because I would have loved to see Abby's face when Chloe got called up don't get me wrong I love maddie but Abby has to see that Chloe has talent and can beat maddie and I'm so happy she won

Congrats to my contest winners... I Love Dance Moms with 6th place and also won Best grouping Eve Batten in 5th place Isa Medrano in 4th place In 3rd place Colleen Taylor who also won cutest makeup In 2nd place Dance Moms lover and ln first place is Abigal Perry who also got best costume congrats and top three I will see you tomorrow

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Noelito Flow

Dance Moms Confessions/Facts by @hahah0ll13 Proof if you search "TMZ Paige Hyland" and read the article:)