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Photograph by Stuart Litoff. #Details of a #flag outside the #TaubmanMuseum of #Art in #Roanoke, #Virginia, shat shows an #owl #purse featured in the museum's #JudithLeiber #handbag and #pillbox exhibit.

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Photographed on a farm just around the corner from my house, this beauty came readily up to greet me. The llama is a South American relative of the camel, though the llama does not have a hump. If properly trained, llamas make excellent pack animals and guardians of livestock. Well socialized and trained to halter, these domesticated animals are friendly and can be fun to be around. llamas that are bottle-fed or over-socialized and over-handled when young can be become extremely difficult to handle when mature, and treat humans as they treat each other, which is characterized by bouts of spitting, kicking and neck wrestling.

While hiking in the woods of Kentucky we came across this handsome young male Eastern Box turtle crossing the road. Unsure if we were friend or foe, he peeked out at us from his shell. We picked him up, placed him on the other side of the road (in the direction he was headed), and away from traffic. Well known on the east coast, they are easily identified by their bright markings. Box Turtles have a high, dome-shaped carapace (top part of shell) and a hinged plastron (bottom part). They are usually dark brown or olive-colored with bright orange or yellow patterns. The male will usually have red eyes and the female will have yellowish-brown eyes. They can grow up to eight inches long. Box turtles also have a down-turned beak.

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