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Sunset over Fjord in Norway

Sunset over Fjord in Norway

Fjords in Norway | @SianGabari

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Norwegian Fjords Source Dynjandi / Dynjandi: A Hidden Waterfall in Iceland's Westfjords / Sidetracked Source Waterfall | Ledyz Fashions || www.ledyzfashions.com

A fjord in Norway. Norway is one of the most beautiful European countries. Its dramatic and powerful landscapes will definitely take your breath away.

It's Norway. This piece beauifully shows the expansive land-formations of Norway, and the variance of definition and life that seems to breathe through the photography captured of the place. The piece combines the vast variances of the ever-changing appearance if Norway with the beauty and immensity of it, giving way to a uniquely humbling greatness, instilling waves of awe.

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I'm gonna do this someday. On the Edge, Trolltunga - Odda, Norway

There is no exact science to seeing the Northern Lights, and that there’s never any guarantee. Though from the northernmost fjords of Norway to the snow-enveloped wilderness of Alaska, here are some of your best bets.

Best Countries to See the Northern Lights

One of the world’s most dazzling natural phenomenons, few travel experiences top witnessing the Northern Lights. These countries are some of your best bets.

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I knew this! One of my favorite breeds of horse. Fjords are like teddy bear horses! I l was SO excited to see that they had them in the movie, since the movie was based out of Norway. A nice change of pace from the horses in most Disney movies.

The misty fjords,   Nærøyfjord / Norway (by George Goodman).

The misty fjords, Nærøyfjord / Norway (by George Goodman).