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I don't say "that's you", I say "that's your new boyfriend" :)

This is like, so relatable when your talking to the boy of your dreams and you know you will probably never end up with him. But you keep on dreaming about it happening

Teenager Posts << that is the single mot british teen post i have ever seen << REPINNING FOR THAT COMNENT!!!!!

Why don't parents get it? I try to tell my parents if you are going to treat me like a kid I will act like a kid

from Polyvore

Relatable Post:::

Oh my i always do that. Clumsy person problems

Ya..and then they think they know what song your talking about but its the wrong one but you just have to go with the flow :) xx

I'm happy to be weird. When people tell you this, don't take it as an insult, love yourself for it.

Some people just need to get a life of their own. But it does make my life more interesting, just seeing how much attention they pay to me and how much they desperately need a life.