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@marensdelights's photo: "Lunch from waaay earlier today Ezekiel bread with avocado, and scrambled eggs with spinach and red pepper"

It may be about 2 hours too late but getting in a yummy healthy brekky always makes me smile. Way prettier and better for me than the kid cereal or special k waffles I used to eat #adulting hard today PS this Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast is da BOMB! #ezekielbread #meal1

Mid morning snack Confession : it took me a loooong time to build up the courage to try #Ezekielbread I thought it would taste gross and not be 'worth' the carbs. Double tap if you agree Welllll it's actually yummy! Def is nuttier and crunchier than traditional bread or English muffins but it stays with me so much longer and I know it's a better choice. #progressnotperfection #morningsnack #fitmama #healthylifewith3

Let me introduce you to my new little friend....crunchy chickpeas So yummy on salads as a sub for croutons! Have you ever tried them???? #chickpeas #healthylifewith3

Looking back on Day 18 of my 21 day restart program and Day 1 of the final push. Wow! So much eating. I feel like I was eating allllll day. I was never hungry but I def wanted some of the waffles and m&ms that my kids enjoyed during the day. I would never say this program is 'easy' but it wasn't terrible. I keep telling myself you can do anything for 3 days! I found myself super thirsty and a slight headache around 9am which I expected. This morning as I type this just having finished…

Protein French Toast stuffed with cinnamon egg whites and peanut butter! So delicious! And around 40g carbs, 30g protein (depending on amount of peanutbutter and chia seed used) and 14g fat (again depending on amount of chia and peanutbutter) Here's how: add cinnamon and stevia to 4 egg whites and use a fork or whisk to scramble! Then dip 2 pieces of your favorite #ezekielbread into it! I used the cinnamon raisin, - See more at: http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/myLikes/list

What are your favorite sweet and savory ingredients for a melt? Try @kelseypreciado Turkey Melt complete with peach and brie on Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread!

Anyone else loooove @panerabread 'a autumn squash soup? I sure do!! Since becoming more health conscious it's something I still enjoy time to time but have wanted to create a healthier version without all the added stuff Restaurants use. Here ya have it! . Autumn Squash Soup Ingredients 1 large Butternut squash cubed( approx 5 cups) 1 acorn squash cubes (approx 1 cup) 1 large honey crisp apple cubed (approx 1 cup) 1/2 large yellow onion cubed (approx 1/2 cup) 4 large carrots cubed 3 T…

Food is fuel but it doesn't have to feel like deprivation . Enjoying this yummy funfetti waffle aka my guilt free preworkout

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