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Tshirt for twins lol

Simply Creative Products: Copy And Paste Twin Shirts if I ever have twins

twin pregnancy weight gain...I'm almost to the 3rd trimester, and I have gained a total of 21 lbs..all in the 2nd trimester...I'm praying I don't go over 35 lbs...

Good overview of weight gain while carrying multiples. I've only gained 17 lbs so far total weeks now). 9 weeks to go I'm hoping my total weight gain will only be about 30 lbs which is less than my first pregnancy!

My twin pregnancy was a long and arduous journey, and tested all of my physical and mental limits. It was with some relief that I noted my mucus plug at week 35, on a Monday; I was a little bit nervous at how 'early' this sign of impending labour was for the babies’ sake, but I trusted my body and knew the babies would come when they were ready.

Jude and Jesse's Birth Story (Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond)

This is an awesome photo of Twins

So many amazing and beautiful cute baby photo ideas you can try with your lovely little one. Especially the sleeping twin babies heart prop.

Due to the limited size of the mother's womb, multiple pregnancies are much less likely to carry to full term than single births, with twin pregnancies lasting only 37 weeks (3 weeks less than full term) on average. Women who have a family history of fraternal twins have a higher chance of producing fraternal twins themselves, as there is a genetically linked tendency to hyper-ovulate.

A twin is one of two offspring produced in the same pregnancy. Twins can either be monozygotic ("identical"), meaning that they develop from one zygote.

Twins onesies! @Jenna Foley

Twin bAby - Twin baBy - babygros with these prints on them may come in handy if we can't think up names in time for the twins arrival

What You Should Know About Twin Pregnancy

The twin pregnancy is also termed as multiple gestations. It refers to the pregnancy involving more than one fetus. For most specialists, this condition is